Trek Malawi

Imagine combining your love for adventure, your interest in culture,your passion for people, and your heart to make the world a better place into one trip of a lifetime!

In July 2019, UrbanPromise International will launch a ten-day transformational travel opportunity called "Trek Malawi". Our unique group of dedicated adventurers will cycle 500 kilometers, paddle Lake Malawi, visit UrbanPromise ministry sites, and raise $30 000 so that kids in Malawi can attend summer camp!

Facilatated by UrbanPromise founder and president, Bruce Main and UPI's Director of the Fellowship program, Nadia VanderKuip, daily group conversations and lectures will provide unique opportunities for reflection on issues of poverty, philanthropy, social transformation, and personal calling.

For the past 10 years, UrbanPromise International has trained emerging Malawian leaders to build youth-serving organizations through Malawi. The results have been incredible. Seven non-profit organizations have been created- high schools, orphanages, girls' empowerment programs, summer camps, after-school programs, job training, feeding programs, and sustainable agriculture!

Trek Malawi will give you the chance to see this important work, get to know amazing entrepreneurial leaders, and explore opportunites for personal engagement.

Opportunties like Trek Malawi are rare. Give yourself the gift of this truly unique adventure--and make a difference for thousands of Malawian children. 

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