Seeds of Promise

About this ministry

Seeds of Promise is a Christian nonprofit organization whose main aim is to fight extreme poverty through sustainable farming, promoting better nutritional choices and entrepreneurship training for the youth in Malawi. Seeds of Promise is based in Lilongwe with a 50 acre farm and a city office where the entrepreneurial training happens. 

Good Cause Run

The Good Cause Run is an international fundraiser event to raise funds for Seeds of Promise. Some photos from the October 2021 event.




1. To fight extreme poverty by growing and providing food for vulnerable kids to our partnering ministry and surrounding communities,
2. To train and equip the youth through social economic programs for self-sustainability and community transformation.
3. To create an environment where kids and youth can be transformed spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically to realize there full life potential (character development).



Areas of Focus


Sewing Training and Business class
2016-2017 trained 35 youth and 10 youth funded with startup loans
2017- 2018 20 youth and 10 women being trained.
2019-25 youth being trained


We create safe environment for kids and youth to learn God’s word and inspire to pursue their Education dreams hence attaining desired success.

350 Kids reached every week
Activities includes bible lessons, Education motivational talks, health talks and games
We provide snacks and drinks to kids



50 acres purchased for farming
Green houses constructed for winter crops.
We have planted about 1 acre of sweet potatoes.
200 bags of corn harvested.
Planted two acres of groundnuts