LoveDriven Ministries

Salima, Malawi
About this ministry

LoveDriven Ministries exists to empower and provide opportunities to the children and youth living in Juma village, one of the most poverty, isolated and Muslim-dominated villages in Salima, Malawi.  50% of the kids drop out of school due to poverty, lack of role models, cultural and religious influences as well as insufficiency of high schools.  Our ministry focuses on supplementary education, Christian discipleship, youth empowerment (On Job Training) and leadership development.

Our mission is to empower and provide opportunities to under-resourced children and youth by equipping them with tools for academic, spiritual, social and leadership development.

The founders of LoveDriven Ministries, Thokozani and Ishmael Adam are graduates of African Bible College.  In 2014, Ishmael, Thoko and other college students founded a movement called Helping Hand whose vision was to provide educational opportunities to needy students who strove to do their best in school but lacked the monetary resources to continue, in the city of Lilongwe. They have supported more than 10 high school students and reached out to hundreds of students through motivational talks and career guidance.  Some of the students have gone on to enroll in different colleges in Malawi.  Before their marriage they have also volunteered with YouthCare Ministries, Ministry of Hope and Live Love Malawi.  In June 2017, Ishmael joined a village-based organization called Malawi Orphan Ministries as a director.

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Areas of Focus


  • Focus on literacy, Bible lessons, life skills, recreation and mentorship, and discipleship.
  • Focus on career guidance, mentorship, life skills, recreation, role modeling, discipleship, leadership, and academic development
  • We will hire 5 high school students to work in our programs


  • Focus on career guidance, mentorship, life skills, recreation, role modeling, discipleship leadership, and academic development


  • Sporting activities such as soccer (football), netball and volleyball will be used
  • Focus on building relationships with the local people (Muslim in the majority)