Current Cohort

UrbanPromise International identifies, trains and resources emerging leaders to initiate, develop and sustain Christian-based youth development organizations as they serve vulnerable children and teens in our world’s most under-resourced communities.

In 2009, the UrbanPromise School for Entrepreneurial Leadership(UPSEL) was created to fulfill this mission and has now trained over 120 Fellows—young men and women who have returned to their countries and communities to create 29 UrbanPromise affiliate ministries, serving thousands of young people through holistic programs focusing on social, emotional, academic and spiritual development. Below are the Fellows currently enrolled in UPSEL, working on a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Leadership/Non-profit Management, training in a local chapter of UrbanPromise and developing their post-Fellowship ministry organizations.

This year, we are excited to welcome fellows from Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Liberia and Nigeria! We currently have 8 fellows engaged in their second year within our school of leadership and 5 who've just begun their journey with UPI. 

As part of their fellowship experience, they form an international choir that performs in churches throughout the country. Interested in having the UPI fellows come to your church or event? 

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Hamilton Banda, Age 25, Malawi

Mr. Banda’s under-graduate degree is in Biblical Studies from the African Bible College in Malawi. Currently working on a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Development from Cairn University in Philadelphia, he will return to Malawi in 2022 to build on a ministry he started to children living on the streets of the capital, Lilongwe. Mr. Banda was the beneficiary of an UrbanPromise International affiliate ministry called, YouthCare Ministries. At the age of 8, Mr Banda was rescued from the streets and given shelter and education through a program called Safe Haven. His organization, called Life Coaching Ministry, will provide education, shelter, Christian formation and food for orphans.


Kelly Maxted, Age 34 London, England

Mrs. Maxted’s under-graduate degree is in Theology from the London School of Theology and is currently attaining her Masters’ Degree in Organizational Development from Cairn University, Philadelphia. Kelly and her husband, Luke Maxted, plan to start UrbanPromise London in June 2022. One in four children raised in London currently grow up in poverty.   With a vision for long term youth development,  as well as providing college preparation and workforce skills for 18-20 year old’s, UrbanPromise London will be a beacon of hope in London’s most under-resourced neighborhoods.





Charity Kiviu, Age 31 Kenya, Africa

Ms. Kiviu holds an under-graduate degree from Kenyatta University, Kenya with a Bachelor of Science in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics and is currently attaining a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Development from Cairn University, Philadelphia. Prior to joining the UPSEL program, Ms. Kiviu served as a volunteer with YouthPromise, Kenya.  Her vision is to return to YouthPromise in 2022 and initiate a vocational training program to help marginalized youth to gain necessary skills for employment and self-employment.




Luke Maxted, Age 32 London, England 

Mr. Maxted attained his under-graduate and graduate degree in Theology from the London School of Theology. After graduating he worked as a Baptist pastor in London and served as a Children and Family Minister at a suburban Anglican Church. Luke is married to Kelly Maxted and they have two sons, Reuben (8) and Judah (5). As an UPSEL Fellow, Luke is planning and preparing to launch UrbanPromise London in 2022.






Klah Doteh, Age 40 Monrovia, Liberia

Mr. Doteh studied Theology at the Liberia School of Theology and is currently working on his Masters’ Degree in Organizational Development at Cairn University. Prior to entering the UPSEL program, Mr. Doteh used his musical talents to minister and disciple youth in Monrovia, collaborating with UrbanPromise International affiliate, CELDI Liberia, by conducting youth choirs and leadership training for high school youth. Upon returning to Liberia, Mr. Doteh will continue to collaborate with CELDI through creating mentorship, discipleship and music programs for disadvantaged youth.




Beatrice Wangai, YouthPromise Kenya 

Beatrice upon completing her Master's in Organizational Development will return home to YouthPromise Kenya to develop the Girls Empowerment Program. 






Kelliote Kadammanja, YouthCare Ministries, Malawi 

Kelliote will be returning home to YouthCare Ministries and plans to return home to develop an IT Trade Training Program to help the Youth in the program develop skills that will help them become more employable, as well as help the ministry work towards becoming more sustainable.





Margeret "Maggie" Sikwese, Seeds of Promise, Malawi

Maggie has been working with Seeds of Promise MInistries and plans to return home upon the completion of her studies to develop a Girl's Empowerment Program for Seeds of Promise.